Operating System

  • UNIX, MS-Windows 2003 2008 2000/ NT / 98.
  • MS-DOS and Novell NetWare.
  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Linux,IOS

RDBMS & Tools

  • Oracle (7.x /8 .X / 9 i), MS-SQL Server.
  • MS-Access, Sybase, Informix.
  • SQL*Forms, SQL*Report Writer.
  • Pro*C, Crystal Reports.
  • PL/SQL, SQL*Plus.
  • Oracle, Web Application Server and Tools.


  • Developer/2000, Visual Basic.
  • Power Builder.

Languages & Packages

  • VB, ASP, Com, Java, HTML, C, C++, . Net Technologies.

Data Communications


Hardware Environments

  • IBM PCs and Compatibles.


  • Designer/2000, SMART Draw.
  • Vision
  • The Company intends to embark upon larger turnkey projects. In connection with this a software development centre has been set up in India which will provide a cost-effective channel for areas of Software-Development & Testing with no compromise in Quality.

    The centre also functions as a product development centre for producing shrink-wrapped off the shelf software products no management team required.
  • Mission
  • To give viable, ecnomical solutions with a high degree of excellence (i.e) Quality

Latest Work

Agada Healthcare, Chennai

TFC Solutions
TFC Solutions

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