Recognition Order

MHRD – Notification Medical College

MHRD – Notification Nursing College

Statutory Council Recognition – DCI(Dental)

Statutory Council Recognition – INC(Nursing)

Statutory Council Recognition – MCI (Medical)

MDS-Recognition TamilNadu Nursing Council

INC-Renewal Recognition of DM(Gastroentrology)

Recognition of MD(T.B & Respiratory Diseases)

Recognition of MD(Anaesthesiology)

Recognition of MD(Dermatology)

Recognition of MD(General-Medicine)

Recognition of MD(Paediatrics)

Recognition of MD(Psychiatry)

Recognition of MD(Radio-Diagnosis)

Recognition of MS(ENT)

Recognition of MS(General-Surgery)

Recognition of MS(Orthopaedics)

Recognition of MD-MS(OBG)

Recognition of MD(Biochemistry)

Recognition of MD(Community-Medicine)

Recognition of MD(Microbiology)

Recognition of MD(Pathology)

Recognition of MD(Pharmacology)

Recognition of MD(Physiology)

Recognition of MD-MS(Anatomy)

BDS Permission Orders

MDS Permission

LOP Anaesthesia 3 Seats

LOP Anaesthesia 3 to 4 Seats

LOP Anatomy 2 Seats

LOP Biochemistry 2 Seats

LOP Cardiology 1 Seat

LOP Comminuty Medicine 4 Seats

LOP Dermatology 1 Seat

LOP Dermatology 1 to 3 Seats

LOP ENT 1 Seat

LOP ENT 1 to 2 Seats

LOP Gastroenterology 1 Seat

LOP General Medicine 4 Seats

LOP General Medicine 4 to 6 Seats

LOP General Surgery 4 Seats

LOP General Surgery 4 to 5 Seats

LOP MBBS 100-150 Seats 2009-10

LOP MBBS 100 Seats 2003-04

LOP Microbiology 2 Seats

LOP Neurology 1 Seat

LOP OBG 2 Seats

LOP OBG 2 to 3 Seats

LOP Ophthalmology 1 Seat

LOP Orthopaedics 2 Seats

LOP Paediatrics 2 Seats

LOP-Paediatrics 2 to 3 Seats

LOP Pathology 3 Seats

LOP Pathology 3 to 5 Seats

LOP Pharmacology 1 Seat

LOP Physiology 2 Seats

LOP Psychiatry 2 Seats

LOP Radiology 2 Seats

LOP TB & Chest 2 Seats

LOP Urology 1 Seat


2nd IQAC Minutes of Meeting Final

3rd IQAC Minutes of Meeting

4th IQAC Minutes of Meeting

5th IQAC Minutes of Meeting

IQAC 01st November 2016 to 31st Oct 2017